Using the DJI Assistant App Part 3

In this final part from a 3 part tutorial on setting up the DJI Ronin M, we’ll begin to talk about using the DJI Assistant App to configure some features of the Ronin M.

Now that the Ronin M is setup and well balanced, we are going to go to our final step of configuring some features of the Ronin within the DJI Assistant app. This app is free and available for download from both the Apple App and Play Store. Open the app on your selected device, you may or may not notice a pop-up stating that Bluetooth needs to be enabled. Once you have enabled it, open the app again and you will see as it searches for the device. Normally for our Ronins, The LensPal name is attached. Select it and enter the username and password that comes with our Ronin rentals.

Once logged in, you’ll notice a few menu selections towards the bottom. Click where it says Viewer. This is essential feature to see first, as it will show you the current stats of the Ronin – Battery life, max capacity, and also the balance of your Pan, Tilt, and Roll Axis. If the numbers don’t read 0 across the board, we need to make a few adjustments. In order to do this, you’ll click on menu item labeled, Gimbal. It will basically take you back to the main screen, from here you’ll click on the word Wizard in the top left corner. Next click where it says Auto Tune Stabilization. When doing this the Ronin is going to test all of its motors and it’s also going to vibrate, no worries, the Ronin is simply making sure the motors cannot move more than needed. You will then notice the stats now read 0 all across, which equates to perfect balance.

Lastly, under the More menu option you are able to calibrate the Ronin. What this does is simply reset all the Ronin’s settings. You can also enable the external remote in order to control the Ronin. All of these features possible through the app.

With that being said, Pals… That is how you setup, balance, and control the DJI Ronin M. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us directly: 407-993-8100

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