There’s no better way to bring your travel memories to life than to have a well composed video to highlight a special aspect of your travels.

In the last few years we have welcomed a barrage of new cameras equipped with 4K video recording, high frame rates for slow mo capability and now almost every major camera manufacturer has implemented 4K shooting somewhere in their lines.

Perhaps most impressively, the technology has been successfully stretched over models of all billings. So, whether you’ve only have a few hundred dollars to spend or you’re willing to spend a couple thousand, it’s likely you can afford a camera with the technology on board.

Just because two cameras have 4K recording, however, doesn’t mean to say they’re equal. The use of different sensors and different methods of capture, together with variations in output possibilities, mean two 4K cameras can behave quite differently.

Even something as simple as whether the camera uses the full width of the sensor or applies a crop factor is vital to consider, as this has a significant effect on your effective angle of view. And all of the above is before we even consider supporting features such as headphone sockets, focus peaking, zebra patterning and Log profiles.

To make things simple, we’ve rounded up what we think are the top 5 cameras for vlog and travel content let take a look.

  1. Canon 1DX MarkII

So first on our list is the Canon 1DX Mark II. This camera has blown me away with both video and photo because it is built like a tank with a battery that last forever even when shooting in full 4K resolution at 60 FPS. The auto focus is extremely fast and gives you the ability to capture some amazing images of the wildlife and tracking moving subjects, which is perfect for the shooter that wants to get high quality video and photo with out having to carry around two camera bodies. Check out some of these shots from the Galapagos island below along with a short 60 second film.

2. Sony A7rII

The Sony A7 line of cameras enable you to create high-end images using a small, lightweight system. Because Travel videographers and photographers live out of a backpack its always nice to pack less. With the ability to record high quality 1080 video at 60p (for slow motion), the Sony A7R is very capable for general video use The A7R also shoots 4K video. The image quality produced by the Sony A7 series cameras are amazing for their size. take a look at some video and images captured by travel videographer Matt Komo using the sony A7R II and a canon 16-35.

3. Panasonic GH5

The Panasonic GH5 may well be the best compact 4K cinema-like camera available today. The fifth generation of its flagship mirrorless camera exhibits much of the same attributes that made its predecessors (especially the GH4 which was a massive hit) a success with enthusiasts and professionals alike: superb build quality, outstanding video features, and, most notable, a pretty image.

  • 4K/60fps video — ideal for capturing high quality slow motion.
  • 10-bit 4:2:2: color — the value of deep color depth for color grading.  To have this level of creative control in a DSLR-sized body is mind-blowing. With 10-bit you can push and pull the image more than you could with something like an 8-bit Canon file. Really impressive and useful for a wide variety of productions.
  • Dual I.S. + 5-axis I.B.I.S. —  Yes, other cameras have image stabilization. But the GH5 takes it to a whole different level. Stick a native MFT lens (such as the Lumix 12-35mm) and you’ll enjoy IS in the lens and the body. The result: silky smooth camera movement, even handheld. Even using a non-stabilized cine lens works miracles. Perfect for travel style video.

4. Sony A7sII

Coming in at number 4 the A7sII is great for the videographer looking to shoot with little to know light just like the other A7 series cameras it does come with a light body and full frame sensor capable of producing great usable footage in little to no light situation take alook at the video below by JR alli and see some of the amazing images he has achieved at night with this camera.



5. Canon 6D

The image quality that this camera produces is just phenomenal. I’m not going to go into details or comparisons, but rest assured that if you are coming from a crop sensor, you are going to be hugely impressed. That goes for the low light performance as well.  The Canon 6D has an ISO range that is equal to the 5D Mark III (100 – 25600, expandable to 102400).  This is very useful for travel photographers.  A travel photographer will encounter many dimly lit places where a tripod is not allowed and high ISO is necessary to get a sharp image. For traveling shooters putting out video content the 6D has identical video shooting modes to the 5D Mark III. The 6D can record 1920 x 1080 HD video at 25 and 30 fps or 1280 x 720 HD video at 60 and 50 fps.

Bonus Pick: Go Pro Hero 4/5

GoPro’s are small, they’re discreet, they’re easy to use, they’re no hassle to set up and all of the this means that you can capture breathtaking moments at total ease. You don’t need to know anything about cameras to reap the benefits of a GoPro. Capable of shooting great 4k and 1080 footage at variable frame rates, time lapses and 12mp photos. For anyone that is a total beginner, that doesnt have the latest or greatest editing software or you dont quite have time to sit down and edit for hours. Then try the iMovie or Quik App on your phones. {Quik is GoPros amazingly simple editing app}. Both will allow you to create professional looking edits on the go.

Hopefully this list was helpful for anyone looking to adventure into travel videography or photography each camera listed is absolutely amazing be sure to check out our website at to rent this gear and more.


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