3 Steps To Achieving Gorgeous Bokeh

A sharply-focused subject with a dreamy-blurred background, it’s a stellar combination that we at The LensPal receive questions about constantly! Here are three things to keep in mind when achieving gorgeous bokeh:

  1. Keep your focal length high: Lenses that are 50MM or wider can achieve this effect with a fast aperture, but in general the effect is much easier to achieve with lenses 85MM or longer. The compression you achieve on longer lenses enlarges your background while separating your subject from it completely.
  2. Keep your F-Stop low: The lower your aperture, the smaller your area of acceptable focus. For lenses 85MM or lower, an aperture of f/1.2-f/2 is ideal for this look. For lenses longer than 85MM, an aperture of f/2-f4 can get the job done.
  3. Keep your subject close: The farther your subject is from the lens, the closer they are to “infinity focus” (the point where everything in the image is focused cleanly). Every model of lens has a minimal focusing distance, the closer you get to that point, the more your image will pop!

We highly recommend our 85MM, 135MM, and 70-200MM lenses to achieve the best bokeh for your buck. Consider The LensPal for your next equipment rental, and happy shooting!

(Featured image achieved with the Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 85MM f/1.2)

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