The LensPal Review: Olympus E-M1 Mark II

With the introduction of the new OM-DE-Ml Mark II, Olympus has added a camera with a significantly faster auto-focus system. In auto-focus mode it can shoot an amazing 18fps at 20 megapixels due to the cameras updated sensor with its faster processer (3.5x faster) and memory buffer. Even more remarkably, 60fps can be achieved at full resolution providing the camera is set to manual focus.

For such a small footprint this camera packs an immense amount of technology. It is very comfortable to hold with its deep hand grip making it perfect for shooting in virtually any situation.

One of the major features is the built-in 5-axis Image Stabilization system that is sensor-based and uses an intelligent synchronized image stabilization mode that automatically syncs the sensor with the lenses own optical image stabilization to give an impressive level of stability never before seen on cameras. Furthermore for video the camera uses a special high-resolution capture mode that utilizes sensor shift stabilization that even allows you to take 4K video without using a tripod. The camera automatically removes any shake from the video that would otherwise be visible as blur.

Olympus has put a lot of work in the design and placement of the buttons of the camera, the two buttons on the top right of the Ml’s surface are both fully customizable, with the default settings being configured to: one touch white balance, and depth of field preview.

It also has a number of full range of unique settings, which include: Spot Highlight and Spot Shadow which can be very useful in tough Low or Highlight situations. These settings help to prevent your images from clipping, and maintain details in the darker areas of images. It uses a Mode dial to change the camera controls. The button sits to the right of the hot shoe and has a design that allow it to lock after being set.

The 3-inch 1037k-dot touch LCD screen has excellent brightness and viewing angles and can swing out from the body, turn and face all the way forward . Its electronic viewfinder is an ultra-sharp 2360k-dot OLED design with a magnification ratio of .65x.

In line with many pro-cameras the Olympus features dual memory card slots, each slot supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory. It comes with all of the necessary ports for shooting studio, or using a remote trigger, and for upgrades and transfers it uses USB 3 .0. The battery of this camera is rated at 440 shots on a single charge. The dual Quad Core Processors allow the camera to go from off, to on, to focused, and fired in 0.7 seconds.

The capabilities of the camera are endless and no matter what your specific needs are the Olympus OM-DE-Ml Mark II is sure to be meet them. Consider renting from The LensPal.

Some of the Key Features of the OM-D E-M1 Mark II are:

  • 200,000 shutter life rating
  • 15fps continuous shooting with mechanical shutter
  • 18fps continuous shooting in raw with C-AF (Silent mode)
  • 60fps continuous shooting in raw with fixed AF (Silent mode)
  • 2360K dot, high-speed (120fps, 6ms) electronic viewfinder, 0.74x magnification
  • ISO 200-25600, Low (ISO 64) also available
  • New battery with fast charging, and 1720mAh rating
  • Improved noise performance by 1 stop
  • 50mp / 25mp high-res shot mode
  • Weather-sealed
  • Dual SD card slots – UHS-II (slot 1)
  • USB3 Type C connection, Wi-Fi

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