The A7RIII: Plenty To Get Excited About

The upcoming release of Sony’s A7RIII has many in the industry anxiously anticipating its arrival. And with good reason! The A7RIII is jam packed with exciting features and improvements. Some of these improvements even outshine the recently released A9. Read on for an overview of the A7RIII’s most anticipated features.

The A7RIII boasts a marked improvement in sharpness and color. Its ISO, compared to the A7RII has also been improved from 25,6000 to up to 32,000 ISO. The battery now holds 2.2 times the capacity of the A7RII, allowing for longer shoots with less battery changes.

The number of recordable RAW images is up by 3.3 times from the A7RII’s capacity to 76 compressed RAW images. Even the ergonomics have seen a marked improvement. The grip has been redesigned for maximum comfort and maneuverability during long or physically challenging shoots.

One of the biggest changes to the A7RIII is its ability to capture ultra high resolution images with its 42.4MP Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor and BIONZ X Image processor. This combination of sensor and image processor reduces noise while improving speed–which is another area where the A7RIII excels, shooting up to 10fps.

But the A7RIII doesn’t stop at image quality and speed, Sony has also tackled video with this redesign. In addition to all the image perks the A7RIII can offer (like the SteadyShot inside image stabilization system), it can also record 4k movies at up to 30fps. This is remarkable for a camera of its size and category. Now your favorite mirrorless camera can also be a videographer’s dream.

Lightweight, compact, and powerful, the A7RIII will not be beat quickly. We, like you, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this incredible image and video making machine.





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