Setting up the Kino Flo Interview Select 3 Fluorescent Light Kit (Episode 2 of Lighting Mini Series)

Great lighting makes all the difference in any situation whether its a wedding, music video or a interview. The Kino Flo Interview Select 3 Fluorescent Light Kit and Kino Flo Foto Flo 400 can help you achieve a Variety of  looks on  your next shoot. Lets take a look at how you can recreate our three lighting techniques shown below which include Flat Lighting, Loop Lighting and Rembrandt Lighting.

To achieve these Proffesional and cinamatic looks, you will need:

For this shoot we used 2 Panasonic GH5 cameras, But you can use your preferred make and model to achieve these looks.

For these lighting set ups we used a three and two point lighting setup.

Take a look at the video below to see how to setup and use these lights on your next production.



What is Flat Lighting?

Flat lighting is when a scene, regardless of its type, is largely and broadly “diffusely and directly lit”. Flat lighting illuminates the scene, however it does not bring out depth and detail, or add any intriguing character. In some rarer/specific cases, you may require flat lighting, depending on the exact goals you have. In general, however, With portrait photography, flat lighting dulls or eliminates the intriguing features of your subjects that give them their character, expression, emotion. Highly diffused, direct lighting can be a useful tool for portraits,

What is Loop Lighting?

Loop lighting is a portrait lighting pattern where the subject is lit from about 45 degrees in front of them and above. This creates a nose shadow that ‘loops’ down at an angle onto their cheek. It is a slightly directional lighting pattern – the light is not flat, but the face is still mostly illuminated.

What is Rembrandt Lighting?

Rembrandt lighting is a lighting technique that is used in studio portrait photography. It can be achieved using one light and a reflector, or two lights, and is popular because it is capable of producing images which appear both natural and compelling with a minimum of equipment. Rembrandt lighting is characterized by an illuminated triangle under the eye of the subject on the less illuminated side of the face. It is named for the Dutch painter Rembrandt, who often used this type of lighting.


Why choose Kinos?

They are the go to lighting instrument  because Kino’s can be a key light, a back light, a fill light, a gag light, a practical light, an effect light, light blue and green screens, you name it, they can do it. When you have a limited budget and crew, you need a light that can be 6 things not just one and thats what make the Kino’s such a powerful tool in any situation.

And to show you just how powerful take a look at how Cinematiographer Shane Hurlbut ASC uses the Kinos in the short The Last 3 Minutes and why he chooses to alway include a set in his lighting packages.

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