Setting up the Ikan Mylo Bi-Color LED 3 Light Kit (Episode 1 of Lighting Mini Series)

With all the amazing features and specifications, there’s a lot to talk about with the Ikan Mylo’s. The amount of power that the Mylo’s hold is stunning, making it a versatile narrative tool. They are much lighter than traditional tungsten lights, but even better than that is their ability to adjust their color temperature to 3200 kelvin. This means you can mix and match the Mylo lights with other tungsten sources to create a warm indoor shot. All the specs you want for color critical work is here in these lights. With 95 CRI LED’s, a 50 degree angle beam, and the equivalent light output of a 550 watt incandescent bulb at 3200 kelvin, these lights are everything you would want.

The Mylo lights are amazing because of their use of battery power, also giving an option to be powered with the included AC power adapter. Another great feature these lights hold is the LED readout screen on the back, giving you precise adjustments. This is great because many bi-color lights have dials that are unlabeled, making these lights stand out among its competition.



For versatility, the Mylo’s are a great option that makes for an easy to carry, high output light, that is suitable for a variety of photo and video work. It is a definite that the Mylo’s are an amazing choice that any photographer or videographer could possibly want to take their production to new levels. Not only are they wonderful, but we do have it available here at The LensPal! Consider renting the Ikan Mylo Bi-color 3 Light Kit today at

We recently took on the pleasure of showing you how to set up the Ikan Mylo Bi-Color light kit, and talked about the things we love most about it in this first episode of our lighting mini series!

Take a look at the video below:

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