The ROV Motorized Slider comes in a few versions to suit different filmmakers’ needs. Whether you shoot for fun, weddings, or small to large productions this little slider can ad value to your next shoot. There’s the ROV Mobile for smartphones and the ROV Pro for cameras weighing up to four pounds. There are also two different slider lengths available: an 8-inch model  called the everyday slider , and the 16-inch called the traveler.

The unit itself is built primarily of a robust piece of aluminum, highlighted with a few malleable components and a belt system for the slider. This harmonious blend of materials provides the user with confidence as the device is clearly meant to last hours and hours on set.


  • 8″ or  16″ Slider Length
  • Lightweight, Portable Aluminum Slider
  • Integrated Quick Release Ball Head
  • Smartphone Control App
  • Time-Lapse with Separate Shutter Cable
  • Built-In Battery Lasts for up to 24 h
  • Integrated, Folding Support Legs


On the slider belt, you can find the camera mounting platform, which has a ball head with a proprietary quick release (using a ¼”-20 screw). You can, however, use your own ball head mount if you wish, however, you will need a couple screw adapters and threads to attach your own system.

The side of the slider features a power button which when tapped will indicate the amount of charge stored in the unit’s built-in battery. There’s also a USB charging port located near the power button, as well as a control cable port to adjust camera settings when shooting time lapse sequences.


One of the slider’s standout features is its incredibly simple setup procedure. To start using the ROV Pro, you just need to download the ROV App on your iOS device and turn on its Bluetooth function. You’ll also have to turn on the slider and access the software on your smart device. After a few seconds, the app will automatically connect with the ROV Pro, allowing you to start shooting almost instantly.

Inside of the ROV app users have access to simple features such as the duration of the camera move, the amount of ramping, and loop toggle on and off. Keep in mind, however, that if you want to manually adjust the position of your slider, you will need to use the app to control the motors – you can’t change this by hand.

Check the video link below by Daniel Schiffer to see how easy it is to use this slider perfect for everyday use and small production shoots.

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