Quick Tip: Sandbag Safety

So when it comes to safety, it is sometimes very easy to forget the little things. In this article we wanted to share a quick tip on securing your grip stands when supporting heavier lighting and modification equipment.

One of the general rules for any stand is that if you have something mounted to the top of it, use a sandbag to secure the base. Using a sandbag will ensure that your stand will not fall over and keep it from toppling should one of your cast or crew-members trip, bump, or run into the fixture.

The sandbags purpose and use is very simple, however, there are still some common practices for placement that have been around the industry for decades keeping us safe.

  • Always make sure that you place the sandbag on the lead leg (the leg under the direction of the weight), this will weigh down the base of the stand making it virtually impossible to become off balance.
  • Once you have the sandbag placed double check that the bag itself is in a position that it is applying a bit of downward pressure to the stand. If your sandbag is solely resting on the ground and not draped properly then it will serve no purpose.
  • Lastly, there are many ways to place a sandbag and no technique is right over the other. However when securing the stands just be aware of the downward pressure, and to keep the sandbag on the lead leg, under the weight.

We hope that this has been helpful, below is an example of the sandbag on a common C-Stand for reference.

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