Precision Balance with The Vinten Vision 8 Tripod

Have you ever looked at the back of your tripod and noticed a knob on your fluid head? This is the variable balance knob, its main function is to precisely balance your camera or lens at all angles. In this video we use the Canon 5D Mark IV, with the Canon 600mm f4/L IS II on the Vinten Vision 8 Tripod. We show you how with the turn of a knob you will be able to balance your lens and/or camera on your fluid head. The design of the balance allows you to position your camera in any configuration and it will stay where you leave it, this function allows for you to shoot a variety of different things, from birding to sports. We have a large range of fluid heads with this ability including the Manfrotto 526 Fluid Head, and the Vinten Vision 8. Both of these items and many more can be rented at The LensPal.

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