Our Top Picks of 2019 – Number 2 and an Honorable Mention

Happy Monday! We resume our countdown of our top picks of 2019 today. If you haven’t seen the other posts in this series, you can find them here:

Number 2 – Aputure Light Storm LS C120D II LED Light Kit

The only light to make our top 10, the Aputure 120d II kit has been massively popular with our pals, as an affordable and effective way to light your scenes and subjects. The kit includes not just the light, but a large round modifier, a light stand and either a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery. It’s essentially everything you need from a one light kit.

The light is plenty powerful and comes with a selection of effects (such as TV flicker and lightning), to add extra versatility to this package.

While everything in the kit is amazing, my favorite part has to be the light dome. It’s so very circular that it’s quickly become one of my favorite modifiers and it’s super quick to set up.

Honorable Mention – ikan Onyx 1×2 RGB Soft Light

Not quite making it into our top 10 is a relatively new arrival at The LensPal, the ikan Onyx. It’s a powerful light which allows you to dial in any one over 16 million colors, as well as built in effects like candles and Police lights.

Come back tomorrow to see our top pick for 2019, and don’t forget to give us your predictions for our number 1 pick of 2019!

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