Could The Nikon D5 Be The Best Camera Ever?

The Nikon D5 was released on January 6th 2016 with the task of replacing the groundbreaking Nikon D4S. Unsurprisingly the Nikon D5 is a beast of a camera. With its ability to shoot at 12fps and Multicam 20k 152 point autofocus system, the D5 is an action photographer’s dream.

Nikon D5’s Abundance of Features

The D5 gives you the ability to capture RAW (NEF) files with up to 14 bit data, for an outdoor photographer this means you are able to capture incredible color detail, unrivaled by other camera systems. Though the camera has been out for going on 2 years, it is barely matched in speed and unparalleled in the diversity of its features.

The D5 is easily still one of the best cameras on the market and it is not difficult to see why people love it so much. It is extremely versatile. The ability to shoot in 4k video up to 30fps, placed the D5 way ahead of its competitors at the time of its release. This is one of the main reasons the D5 has remained relevant in an ever changing photographic world. The quality and ease of use will be evident from the first time that you pick it up. It includes the same great Nikon menu as the lower model cameras. What this means is that all of the new settings will be easy to find and the menu will be a breeze to go through.

The D5 also takes 2 sturdy XQD cards giving you the ability to capture a large amount of data with a very low buffer time. This allows for greater image storage capabilities and ultra fast read/write speeds as opposed to cameras that use SD cards.

Everything about the D5 is an improvement on its predecessor from its high speed fps, to its updated processor improving its operation speed and overall functionality. All of this coupled with its video capabilities, make the Nikon D5 a must have for your arsenal.

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