Mirrorless Reinvented?

Nikon is launching the “Z Series” with two cameras, three lenses, and one lens adapter. The Z Series features a brand new lens mount that’s designed to “redefine possibilities” and elevate optical performance for Nikon over the coming decades. “This is the new light that Nikon will use to pioneer the future,” Nikon says. “It is indeed mirrorless reinvented.”


The Z mount has a 16mm flange distance which permits the camera to be slimmed down dramatically, while also providing engineers the ability to create more advanced optics.
This resulted in the Z NIKKOR 24-70mm f/4, 35mm f/1.8, and 50mm f/1.8 lenses, each of which promises to be at the top of the game when it comes to performance. 
Not only are lenses better, the 55mm diameter of the Z mount enables ultra-fast glass and Nikon has announced the development of a  58mm f/0.95 lens. Nikon’s F-mount library is still quite viable, with the FTZ Adapter delivering full functionality with over 90 lenses.







New line up of lenses


FTZ Mount Adapter







The FTZ Adapter empowers you to use Nikon’s existing arsenal of F-mount lenses on the latest Z Series camera with full functionality.



Nikon’s most advanced imaging tech was used for the creation of the Z series mirrorless system. 

FX-format back-illuminated image sensors take residence in the Z7 and Z6 cameras, delivering resolutions of 45.7MP and 24.5MP, respectively. 

Processing is handled by the EXPEED 6 for phenomenal low-light performance and speed while a built-in 5-axis Vibration Reduction system will almost guarantee sharp photos. 

Cinema-quality video capture is just as spectacular, with the ability to record UHD 4K30 using the N-Log gamma profile and output high-quality 10-bit data over HDMI.

What are your thoughts on Nikon’s new mirrorless line?

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