How To Get Dramatic Interview Lighting with the Kino Flo Foto Flo 400

Great lighting makes all the difference when shooting an interview. The Kino Flo Interview Select 3 Fluorescent Light Kit and Kino Flo Foto Flo 400 can help you achieve a sleek look at your next shoot. You can follow this lighting set up guide to recreate our dramatic lighting effect.

To achieve this professional look, you will need:

For this shoot we used 2 Canon EOS C100 Mark II cameras and 1 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Keep in mind that you can use your preferred make and model.

To get the best lighting for all interview angles, we used a standard three camera interview set up. The Canon EOS C100 Mark II was used to capture an extreme close up. The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV captured a wider view. A second C100 captured a close up of the subject’s profile.

Lighting Your Interview

Three fluorescent lights from the Kino Flo Intervew Select 3 Kit and the additional 4 bank 4 ft. light were set up around the subject with the 4 Bank 4ft light at the front for a dramatic highlighting effect. Next, two Arri Arrilights (600 wt) were placed behind the subject create separation from the background. We used diffusion paper to soften the look. You can adjust the Kino Flo’s barn doors, angles, and elevation, to create a custom lighting specific to your subject.

Watch our video guide for an in-depth look at this lighting set up:

Below is a diagram to help you set up your next interview:

Good luck with your next shoot, Pals!

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