Getting High Quality Portraits With Affordable Lighting

If you’re just starting out on your photography journey, portraiture can be intimidating. It’s true that you can get breathtaking portraits using expensive, high-end gear, but what you may not know is that you can achieve a similar style of portraiture for under $140.

To get this sleek portraiture look, you will need:

  • 1 Impact Three Monolight Backlight Portrait Kit
  • A DSLR, such as the Canon 70D
  • A lens, such as the Canon 70 – 200mm f/4

You can follow these simple steps to replicate this beautiful shot:

affordable portrait

  1. Set up the Impact lights from the Impact Three Monolight Backlight Portrait Kit. This is an easy process—simply attach the lights to the stands available in the portraiture kit.
  2. Then, adjust the settings on the main lights. Make sure the numbers on the back of each light match. This will keep the lighting even throughout the shot.
  3. Place and pose your model. 
  4. If necessary, reposition the lights. If the initial set up is not suitable for your model’s look, change the position of the lights to create the highlights and shadows you want.
  5. Check your shots. Closely inspect your shots before ending the shoot.

Check out our video tutorial:

For a more advanced portrait lighting set up, take a look at our ProFoto Acute 2R Pro Pack Tutorial.

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