Taking A Look at the Panasonic Lumix GH5 Features and Capabilities

Panasonic’s GH5 has become a new favorite for videographers and even photographers. There is a whole lot of features added into this camera that are nothing short of amazing. A couple features being a 400Mbps 4K setting, in camera stabilization, 4K video at 60p resolution, zebras, focus peaking, flip out screen, and so much more. A couple of new features that I found to amaze me were the tele converter function and the focus transition. I just find it to be such a powerhouse for a camera in its size and price range.

Features and Capabilities

One of the things that most people will be interested to see is the internal 10Bit 4:2:2 at 4K, this comes to be a huge advantage. Along with 4K footage, this allows you to color correct and grade your footage with minimal loss, offers a wider variety of tone in colors, and it offers a much sharper picture when you Chroma key your footage. Most currents DSLRs capture 8Bit 4:2:0 footage, so it’s no doubt the GH5 is ahead of the game in this aspect.

The slow motion in 180fps works beautifully, the GH5 allows you to shoot up to 180p in 1080 resolution. The GH5 is a camera invested in the Micro Four Thirds system, but that takes nothing away from the final product given that the rest of the features offered are nothing but fantastic!

The zebras, focus peaking, flip out screen, and touch screen, are just some of the things that make this camera so time efficient and very easy to use, which we all love. Some other things are the AF custom setting, front FN button, menu organization, and joy stick, these features make for an incredible experience using the GH5. The AF custom setting allows you to adjust the speed and direction of your auto focus, making it a great tool for photographers. Some more great news for photographers, is that Panasonic increased the megapixel to 20 megapixels on the GH5! The front FN button is an amazing feature allowing you to assign that button to any setting or feature you want, acting as a shortcut. But, my favorite feature has to be the menu organization, this feature allows you to save your most used menu items for easy access without scrolling, it’s great that the already excellent LUMIX menu got this update.

The feel of the GH5 is very comfortable, it has a hand grip that just fits perfectly. There are also many wonderful in-body improvements made in the GH5, some being the in body image stabilization, full width 4K video, the tele converter function, and my favorite being the focus transition. The focus transition allows the ability to pre-build a series of up to 3 focus points before you start shooting, allowing the camera to rack focus between these points, just by tapping the screen in a controlled manner. The focus transition makes it possible to refocus smoothly without need to pull focus yourself or using the auto focus. Something else that is great about the GH5 is the tele converter function. The tele converter allows you to get even greater focal length range, meaning you can capture video or stills up to a certain magnification with no decline in quality. This comes in handy when you don’t have a zoom lens or can’t get as close as you want to your subject.

In the end, it is very easy to fall in love with the GH5, and for just $94 for a 4 day rental, this camera is the best bang for your buck being the best of its competitors in the same price range. I can assure that once you get your hands on it I don’t think that you are going to want to let it go. It is a definite that the GH5 is an amazing camera that any photographer or videographer could possibly want to take their production to new levels. Not only is it wonderful, but we do have it available here at The LensPal! Consider renting the GH5 today at www.thelenspal.com

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