Get The Shot: Wine Bottle Product Photography Tutorial

For our first Facebook contest, we asked our Pals to figure out how we got this sleek product shot of an Apothic Red wine bottle. Now, you can get the shot by following this guide. To re-create this shot, you will need:

For our key light we chose to use a 16″ beauty dish and two 36″ x 8″ strip boxes on either side of the wine bottle. To add separation and reflection on the background, we cut out two pieces of custom silver colored foam and placed one directly behind the bottle, and another a few inches away. For the red accent at the front of the bottle, two strips of red card stock were placed on either side of the bottle. Below is a diagram and photos to help you set up the shoot.


As you can see, each part of the lighting framework was carefully thought out. The red accents were placed last, so minor adjustments could be made. The two strip boxes ensured that the bottle maintained its shape, and the beauty dish gave us a solid punch for the front.

When creating a lighting set up for product photography, keep in mind the type of product that you will be shooting and what story you want it to tell. For this particular set up, we wanted to create a feeling of silence and exclusivity.



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