This month DJI released their new 3 axis gimbal, the Ronin-SC, which is an updated and more compact version of their Ronin S gimbal, which made its debut last year.

Lighter, Smarter, Better.

The Ronin-SC is all about portability,  with its lightweight design and superior stabilization this gimbal allows quick set up for any mirrorless user. The Ronin-SC is compatible with a wide variety of cameras and lenses, which enables users to capture professional high-quality footage with ease.

Similar to the original Ronin-S, the Ronin-SC is a single-handed three-axis gimbal that offers plenty of functionality through built-in and add-on modules. It weighs just 1.08kg (2.4lbs)—41 percent less than the Ronin-S—and can be broken down to easily fit inside camera backpacks and cases.It’s not just weight and portability that DJI has improved upon over the original Ronin-S though. DJI has added a new ‘Force Mobile’ mode that ‘synchronizes the movement of your connected mobile device with the Ronin-SC gimbal,’ its new ActiveTrack 3.0 technology that will track human figures with a new AI that’s similar to the technology found inside DJI drones. Other features include a Virtual Joystick for controlling the gimbal from your smartphone, Motion Control and dedicated shooting modes such as TimeLapse and Panorama.

The motors inside the Ronin-SC support up to 2kg (4.4lbs) and its battery offers up to 11 hours of operation. A full list of supported cameras can be found on DJI’s Ronin-SC website

Our Favorite Features

The Ronin-SC is DJI’s new and improved gimbal, which has a variety of new features to help release your inner filmmaker. Here are some of our favorite features.

  1. Motionlapse-In order to create a motionlapse or time lapse with your Ronin-SC, you can adjust the settings of either interval, clips, or frames per second, both with and without movement. This makes it easy for you to climb up to the top of any mountain and capture epic long exposures of the clouds or water below.
  2. Sport Mode-This setting allows quick, dynamic responsiveness to be able to capture any fast paced active movement. Since the Ronin-SC has great stabilization ability, it can help ease bumpy or bouncing movements. It also has roll 360 capabilities which allows your camera to be turned around 360°, to be sure you don’t miss any angle high or low.
  3. ActiveTrack 3.0– ActiveTrack 3.0 gives you the capability to track the subject of your video, and is similar to the technology found in DJI’s drones or Osmo series cameras. For ActiveTrack 3.0 you use your mobile phone’s camera view to send the information to the Ronin-SC by mounting it to the top of your camera’s hotshoe. Then once you open the Ronin app, you can then select the subject you want to follow and track on your camera.
  4. Force Mobile – The new Force Mobile, similar to Force Pro, conveniently synchronizes the movement of your connected mobile device with the Ronin-SC gimbal, offering an immersive filming experience. Users can now operate gimbal movements at a max distance of 82 feet using the new Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

We think that this gimbal is great for beginners looking to try their first gimbal as well as for the traveling filmaker that needs a more lightweight and portable setup. The Intelligent features will also help your footage stand out and get some pretty difficult gimbal movements.  If  you aren’t quite sure if this is the gimbal for you this gimbal and more can be rented online at www.thelenspal.com

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