Customer Spotlight: Shawn Vela

Follow us as we take you through the incredible journeys of some of The LensPal’s most esteemed customers. In this first episode we had the pleasure of speaking to one of our long time Pals and Emmy award winning cinematographer, Shawn Vela or Vela Visual Films

We sat down with Shawn and went over a few basic questions to learn more about how he started, why he does what he does, how The LensPal contributed to his success, and how he came to win an Emmy. Below are a few of the questions asked with his answer. To view the full interview, you can watch the video above.

Q&A with Shawn Vela

The LensPal: How did you start in this business?

Shawn: I got into video in 2008 and I started kind of like anyone else, it was completely by accident. At the time I was going to college for business and I was working at a restaurant full time. I got really into audio and recording music and it was through that, that I met this guy in Philly who owned a video production company and I started to intern for him.

The LensPal: What motivates you to create?

Shawn: I create because I feel like there is something inside of me that is always looking to help someone else. I feel like with the gifts and the talents that I have, the best way that I feel like I’m doing that is when I’m creating. Whether its a film or experience that someone is having on set. that is when I feel I am the best version of myself.

The LensPal: How has The LensPal contributed to your success?

Shawn: What I really like about The LensPal is it allows me to have access to equipment that I don’t own, that will accent a certain project. For example, if I was going to rent the DJI Ronin for a training video or something that requires slider movement. If I needed something for specific slow motion captures, I would go for the Sony FS7. The ability to have access to a variety of tools is what allows us to create a variety of different products. At the end of that day we own a lot of equipment ourselves, but what’s really helpful for specific jobs or the needs of the client, it helps to be use the right tool for the job.

The LensPal: Tell us more about your win of an Emmy Award?

Shawn: One of the things that was really cool was we worked on a short film/documentary that we submitted to the Emmy’s and we actually won for a program, which means it won for the content and the way it was filmed. We had access for that specific shoot to use equipment from The LensPal. We used the Sony A7S II for example, for specific b-roll in low-light to accompany the b-roll in slow motion. Also, we used the Canon C100 Mark II and different lenses, helped to shape the story and define the look we were looking for. When we submitted it and to know that it was enough to win an Emmy, we were just so excited and very happy and grateful, especially to have access to equipment to help us get there.

View more of this amazing interview by visiting our YouTube Channel and be sure to learn more about Shawn Vela and view his work Vela Visuals. Interested in renting out some the equipment mentioned in this interview? Check out, today!

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