Come join us as we take you through the incredible journeys of some of  The LensPal’s most esteemed customers. We had the pleasure of speaking to our long time Pal, Lafayette Britto owner of Lafayette Britto Photography.  A well  known automotive and real estate photographer in Central Florida.

We sat down with Lafayette Britto and went over a few basic questions to learn more about when his story began, how he became a photographer, how The LensPal has contributed to his career, and What’s next for him. Below are a few of the questions asked with his answer? To view the full interview, you can watch the video above


Lafa customer spotlight Q&A

The LensPal: How did you get into Real estate photography?

Lafa: I started Photographing real estate for a friend of mine Jonathan Squeger. He’s a realtor in central Florida and also a very close friend of mine. One day I was joking around and I asked him when you are going to let me photograph one of your properties. So eventually he gave me a property to photograph and he’s stuck with me until today. It doesn’t matter the size of the property, the price of the property I’ve always photographed every single one of his listings.



The LensPal: What made you want to become a photographer and why?

Lafa: The Passion for photography started with my own cars back in high school we used to modify them and go to car shows.  Eventually I picked up a camera and started photographing my own car. From there people were like oh let’s get a group together and lets photograph our cars. So we would go to different locations and take pictures and do crazy angles. So then my passion slowly started growing I started attending more and more events and then I started shooting cars. Then I started shooting for different companies that would ask me for pictures of wheels, body kits, and suspension. It got me to where I am today.



The LensPal: What motivates you?

Lafa: What Motivates me is to always do better. I’ve watched all these different photographers grow into shooting commercial automotive and that motivates me to do better at what I do to get to that point. So motivation is just myself staying focused on the work and trying to get there.



The LensPal: How Has the LensPal helped your business?

Lafa: I’ve been renting from The LensPal for a good 3 or 4 years if not more than that. And anything I ever need I can get it whether I’m gone for two weeks going to Vegas or  if I need something for one day or two days because I’ve misplaced something they’ve always been there for me its what has kept me afloat.


View more of this amazing interview by visiting our YouTube Channel and be sure to learn more about Lafayette Britto and keep up with his work at Lafayette Britto Photography. Interested in renting out some the equipment used in this interview? Check out, today!

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