How Canon’s Cine Lenses Can Take Your Project To The Next Level

Canon’s L series lenses can be hard to beat, even for videographers. But, making the move to Canon’s cine lenses can really take your work to the next level. You simply cannot beat the practicality of having Canon’s cine lenses. Its design shines on set—these lenses enable you to switch quickly between one lens to the next, maximizing efficiency. To show you these amazing lenses’ best features, we took them out to downtown Orlando for a test shoot. Take a look at the three fantastic Canon cine lenses and check out the test footage video.

Canon CN-E Lenses: 24mm, 50mm, and 135mm

With Canon’s CN-E line it’s easy to shoot high quality video, on the go. Canon CN-E’s design emphasizes practicality, allowing you maximum efficiency during your shoot. For projects where you need top quality video and the ability to change lenses quickly, the CN-E 24mm, 50mm, and 135mm are your best bet. And while Canon’s CN-E lenses can be cost prohibitive for some (Adorama’s kit with these three lenses currently runs for $11,520.00), you can always rent from your Lens Pals.

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