Mirrorless Reinvented?

Nikon is launching the “Z Series” with two cameras, three lenses, and one lens adapter. The Z Series features a brand new lens mount that’s designed to “redefine possibilities” and elevate optical performance for Nikon over the coming decades. “This is the new light that Nikon will use to pioneer the future,” Nikon says. “It … Read more


What is the best lens for sports? Photographers that shoot indoor sports typically face one of the biggest challenges in the photography world. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, dance etc. The lighting for these events,  is usually dim, so the photographer is often confined to one location while the participants move around… a lot. An … Read more

Setting up The Arri Tungsten Fresnel’s and 4 Key Green Screen Lighting Tips (Episode 3 of Lighting Mini Series)

The most important ingredient in any recipe for good, professional-quality video is light. Video is a medium of light. Other factors – sound, composition and special effects – are also important, but if the lighting isn’t right, then the video just doesn’t look right. An amateurish approach to lighting can reduce any professional video project. … Read more