Capturing Stylish Fashion Shots With the Canon 5DSR

Recently, I took a few pieces of gear for a spin. On one of my shoots, I brought in a model and did a photo shoot using the Canon 5DSR, this camera is a really a must have for Canon Studio Photographers. The 5DS R fits an astounding 50.6 megapixels into a 35mm Sensor. The results are golden: the amount of detail I was able to capture is absolutely incredible.

The Setup

I opted for the Profoto D1 500 W/S Monolight and the Profoto 5’ Octabox. This pairing gave me maximum coverage over the entirety of the frame.

Studio lighting can sometimes be intimidating. With all of the different types of strobes on the market, choosing the right one may seem impossible at times. I have always placed my trust in Profoto since the consistency and pure color of the strobe is perfect for photographers at all levels.

To remain consistent with my style of photography, I shot the model on a grey cloth background. This added a rugged feel to the photo. The 5DSR captured great detail in the fabric.

The Canon 5DSR is a very versatile camera for the studio and is a great addition to any photographer’s arsenal. Using a camera with the highest megapixel count of any DSLR on the market has its advantages: you can be sure that you will capture every minute detail. The files produced by this camera are comparable to many entry level medium format cameras, yet the files are twice as easy to handle.

I can’t recommend this camera enough. It is an absolute must have!

The Final Product



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