Canon Announces New R5 mirrorless Camera

Specs were leaked in January, but Canon have now confirmed they are working on a new full frame mirrorless camera – namely the EOS R5.

Among the list of specs officially released is the fact that the camera will shoot 8K video.


In light of the fact that the EOS R shoots 4K video, with a 1.7x crop factor, people are beginning to question what kind of crop that 8K video mode will have.
So I did some math.

Canon Rumors is reporting the EOS R5 will have a 45 MP sensor. Based on that information, I used the information from the Nikon D850, as it has a comparable sized sensor, at 45.4 MP.

45.4 MP is an image that is 8256 pixels by 5504 pixels.
8K is recognized as being 33.2 MP, or 7680 x 4320 pixels.

So what does that mean?

If the rumors are true, and the R5 has a sensor similar in resolution to that of the D850, then the maximum crop possible will be 1.075x (8256 / 7680). It may be that we see a full frame Canon camera that isn’t being held back in the video department.

More than Just High Resolution, Low Crop

The other exciting announcement is the inclusion on IBIS, or In-Body Image Stabilization, promising 5 stops of correction, or up to 8 when paired with in-lens stabilization. This will be the Canon camera to include the technology that the likes of Sony have been using for some time.

And, to make the professional shooter happy, Canon has confirmed that the R5 will include two card slots – although no mention what format and standard those slots will take.

Not sure if the R5 or Mirrorless is for you?

Haven’t given Canon’s new mirrorless system a try? The EOS R and RF 28-70 make for some truly impressive images.
Or perhaps you’re wondering what high resolution images can help you with your work? Try the Nikon D850 or the Sony ╬▒7R IV.

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