C200 Recap: Our Impressions Since Acquiring Canon’s New C200 Video Camera

Canon’s C200 Cinema Camera has been a game changer. Our Pals are routinely impressed with this awesome cinema camera. It really is the perfect, mid-range cinema camera, and Canon offers nothing but the best with this offering. Since acquiring the C200, we’ve also created lots of beautiful footage. You can find a list of our previous articles on the C200 below.

The C200’s Amazing Features

One of the most striking features of the C200 is the RAW footage that the C200 produces internally. While it does not shoot internal Raw at 4:4:4 like the C500 for example, the C200 shoots at a respectable 4:2:0 8-bit, which is perfect for documentary film makers. The C200 can also help you create beautiful slow motion captures with its 120fps capability (available in HD only). Raw captures are capped at 60fps.

Canon also introduced a new file type with the release of the C200: Canon Cinema RAW Light. Canon Cinema Raw Light it is 3-5 times smaller than the traditional RAW formats. This file format can still be recorded onto CFast 2.0 cards, making storage simple and inexpensive.

Check Out Some Projects Created With The C200 And Further Reading

Check out our Youtube page for more up-to-date videos on the latest gear, including more footage captured on the Canon EOS EF C200 Cinema Camera.

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