Brief Overview: Ikan Bi-Color Mylo LED Light Panels

If you haven’t checked out the new Ikan Bi-color Mylo LED Light panels yet, then you really should do so. We have recently been expanding our lighting inventory and we cannot wait for you to try out these new lights, which come in two different size kits (2 Lights and 3 Lights).

What is really special about these Mylo Light panels are that they are bi-color and the color temperature can be minutely adjusted from 3200K to 5600K. The power output of the lights is also fully customizable from 10% – 100% in 1% increments.

These Mylo light panels contain the latest generation of upgraded LED bulbs that not only offers superb lighting power together with beautiful softness, but more importantly each light has approx. 30% more power than the previous generation of lighting and contain 800 LED bulbs of 0.06 watts which is equivalent to a 750W tungsten bulb and therefore provides for a further 10ft lighting range.

The lights also have a 50 degree beam of light with a passive cooling system, which will ensure each of your lighting setups with the Mylos look the same in both power intensity and color temperature.

Each Mylo light comes with a set of barn doors on each side of the light. These barn doors are super reflective and sturdy and offer protection from outside light interference, they also intensify the overall brightness of the lights.

The battery life of the Mylo panels has also been extended, with an upgraded battery mount, you can be sure that you will get the most out of the Sony L Batteries (Included). Each kit also contains AC cables allowing the Mylos to be plugged directly in to a power outlet.

The menu system on the back of the panel has been completely simplified with all of the controls condensed to a one button/dial, giving these lights an analog feel while still maintaining the digital aspect through the menu screen. The navigation of this LED panel is quick and easy to use, and the functions are all clear and easy to get to.

The kits contains one stand per light, are semi air cooled and support up to 10lbs. in weight, therefore offering superior support.

The overall usage of the Mylo LED panels is very convenient as they are very easy to use and quick to setup and take down. The flexibility and portability of these lights make them perfect for documentaries, short films, interviews, music videos, and so much more…

If you are looking for professional quality LED panels, with tons of advantages, then I would have to recommend that you give the Mylos a try by renting from us here at The LensPal.

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