Behind The Scenes With Our Pals: Seth Dunlap & Cole Nesmith

Recently, our own Tyler Rispoli had the opportunity to shoot Behind the Scenes with our pals, Seth Dunlap and Cole Nesmith of the Immerse project on a commercial shoot done in partnership with Orlando Health and the Orlando Ballet. The resulting footage is breathtaking: dancers’ bodies are hit with bursts of corn starch and colored powder, emphasizing muscle definition and movement. Read on to find out how Seth and Cole captured the shots. You can also watch Tyler’s cinematic BTS video below.

Capturing The Orlando Ballet Dancers

Seth used a Canon 24mm CN-E T/1.5 mounted on a Red Epic-W 8K camera. The natural light in the room was blocked out as much as possible before setting up the lighting. The floor was also darkened with black plastic garbage bags. The garbage bags also helped with the cleanup for this fun, but messy shoot.

In addition to the colored powders, a hazer was also used to create a smoky effect. A hazer was used instead of a fogger because it produces a finer mist. This allowed the dancers’ bodies to be partially seen through the haze. The hazer’s mist also spreads more evenly instead of clumping like the mist emitted from a fogger, leading to a more realistic effect.

For the final scene, Seth captured the drama and passion in the dancer’s movements with a variety of colored powders.

Capturing Behind the Scenes Moments

To capture those exciting BTS moments for an extended period of time easily, Tyler used a FLYCAM Flowline Camera Support with the Canon EOS C300 Mark II and the Rokinon Xeen 24mm T/1.5 cine lens.  The FLYCAM also allowed for greater stabilization, taking the weight off his hands and arms.

Check out the beautiful BTS video below:

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