Choosing the Right Audio Gear

While video is important, audio is a whole other mine field and even more important. If you have bad audio a viewer is more likely to click away from your video than having bad video quality. There are many different microphones out there—here is a breakdown for choosing the right microphone for the right situation. … Read more

Canon XC15: The Little Camera That Packs a Punch

Whether you are shooting a short film, documentary or interview the Canon XC15 can handle any situation. Following in the footsteps of the XC10, the XC15 combines the best elements from its predecessor with new features and functionality, including an MA-400 microphone adapter with dual XLR inputs for professional audio capture, quick autofocus and a … Read more

The A7RIII: Plenty To Get Excited About

The upcoming release of Sony’s A7RIII has many in the industry anxiously anticipating its arrival. And with good reason! The A7RIII is jam packed with exciting features and improvements. Some of these improvements even outshine the recently released A9. Read on for an overview of the A7RIII’s most anticipated features. The A7RIII boasts a marked … Read more