Assembling The DJI Ronin M Part 1

We get asked sometimes by our customers how to setup the DJI Ronin M, so we made this 3 part video tutorial that explains the parts, setup, and also the DJI Assistant app.

We’ve come to learn that a few of our customers have actually felt intimidated by the Ronin M and setting it up on their own. So, we decided to put the 3 part tutorial together to help our customers learn step-by-step how to put together the Ronin and also operate it, to show just how easy it can be! In this first part we talk about the many parts and pieces that come with the Ronin M and how to assemble it.

Although we normally have the batteries charged before sending any piece of equipment out, it’s always a good rule of thumb to charge your batteries before use. The Ronin M’s battery is very simple to use and get charged quickly. Simply press the button at the top to see what percentage the battery is, the white dots that appear will show you just how much the battery has left and can be counted in increments of 25. If the battery happens to need to be charged all you’ll need to do is attach the charge cable to the clip located on the back of the battery.

Next is setting up the Ronin’s stand. We currently have two versions of the stand, one that had “joints,” while the newest one uses “ropes.” For the sake of this tutorial we are using the newer stand that includes ropes. The setup is easy and takes mere seconds to complete. Simply pull each arm and leg out and connect it to the corresponding tunnel and you’re all set!

Once the stand is setup, you can move onto the handle bars. There’s a total of 5 pieces used for the handle bars, the main middle handle, two carbon fibers bars, and two side grip handles. You’ll start off connecting the two carbon fiber handles into the main handle bar and fastening them into place. Next you can either place the bar on the stand or hold it in your grip as you begin to place both grip handles on each side of the carbon fiber handles. Make sure to tighten the clip as much as possible, so no accidents occur once the Ronin is completely set up.

“Be careful when grabbing the gimbal from a flat surface or the pelican case, itself, as it can swing in different directions depending on how you hold it.”

After this, we move onto setting up the gimbal. Be careful when grabbing the gimbal from a flat surface or the pelican case, itself, as it can swing in different directions depending on how you hold it. On top of the gimbal, you’ll notice a golden lock, this part will actually slide into the bottom piece of the handles. Once you hear a click (which indicates the pieces have connected), you’ll simply tighten the screw at the top the same way you did with the handle bars. From this point you’ll then attach the fully charged battery to the battery holder located on the back of the gimbal. Simply slide the battery in and tighten the screws on each side of the battery to secure it in place.

That is all for assembling the Ronin M. View Balancing The Ronin M and Using the DJI Assistance App for further instructions on using the Ronin M.

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