Four Advantages of Using the Canon CN-E 18-80mm Cinema Lens

One of our favorite (and most underrated) lenses is the Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 Compact-Servo EF. The CN-E 18-80mm is Canon’s solution to a large gap in their cinema lens product line. Canon wanted to create an affordable zoom lens outfitted specifically for video and cinema production. There are many advantages to using the CN-E 18-80mm—here are our top reasons for shooting with the Canon CN-E 18-80mm lens.


When paired with the EOS C300 Mark II or the EOS C100 Mark II, the Canon CN-E 18-80mm’s autofocus ability shines. With focus guides, one shot auto focus, parfocal capability, face priority setting, and object tracking, the CN-E 18-80mm is a powerful cinema lens that makes it simple to shoot high quality videos and films.


The CN-E 18-8mm’s boasts a high zoom speed of 2 seconds, instant manual zoom response, and a smooth servo zoom system. This allows you to capture striking shots easily.


The CN-E 18-80mm has this unusual feature: an Optical Image Stabilizer. The optical image stabilizer of the CN-E 18-80mm makes sure that your video is sharp and clear. Even at maximum focal length, the OIS will keep your shots in focus. There are three stabilization modes (A, B, and C) that allow for complete control over the stabilization of your film.

Wide & Close Up Shots

The broad focal length range allows you to capture incredible close up and wide shots. The CN-E 18-80mm stays in focus throughout its focal range for smooth zoom shots.

Give the Canon CN-E 18-80mm cinema lens a shot for your next film!

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